The Technology Trends to Take Over 2018


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Whether you are a tech lover or technophobe, you cannot help but feel excited to the technology developments and trends that are forthcoming in 2018. Over the last year there has been a high increase in smart speakers and virtual reality as well as the continuous development and unveiling of smart phones and tablets. Here we have the biggest technology trends of 2018 and how it will change our lives.

1.      Digital centralisation

For the last few years we have seen the unveiling of many different types of devices from smartphones to TV’s and tablets to computers. Other ‘smart’ devices have surged such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Making accessing music, internet, books and any kind of information easier and at your fingertips. Digital centralisation is well under way as our society craves convenience in our lives. Smart speakers are just the beginning of digital centralisation with fewer devices and central locations as possible.

2.      The Debut of 5G

Whilst technology timelines may not run the way we predict, a strong prediction for 5G lies in 2018. The aim is to have 5G networks and 5G phones by the end of 2019. 5G is up to 10 times faster than 4G which makes it more efficient than most home networks. This will affect how developers think about streaming and apps in the future and how consumers use the internet.

3.      AI Permeation

Artificial intelligence (AI) has manifested from a machine learning algorithms to being incorporated into a variety of applications. AI is now making an appearance into almost every new platform, device and app which proves this trend will rise quickly in 2018.

4.      Augmented Reality

Applications such as Snapchat have helped bring augmented reality to the forefront in an entertaining way where users can use fun face filters. Apple are beginning to follow by introducing ARKit to make it easier for developers to merge augmented reality to their iPhone apps. Large companies such as Amazon are in full support of this by embracing the rising idea of augmented reality.

5.      Companion Robots

In 2018 we expect to see robots not only to help with practical activities but to act as companions and provide entertainment. Somnox is an example of a companion robot created to assist you in falling and staying asleep. Honda also showcased robotic conceptions that hinge on AI assisting humans which can even show compassion through facial expressions.