Hand Forklift | Beginners Guide to Forklifts


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A hand forklift is known under many names, including;

  • Pallet jack
  • Pallet truck
  • Pallet pump
  • Pump truck
  • Dog
  • Jigger

It is used to lift pallets, as well as boxes amongst other things. A hand forklift is the most basic form of forklift.

hand forklift

Advantages of Using a Hand Forklift

Some of the many advantages of using a hand forklift include;

Increased Efficiency

A pallet jack makes your life a lot easier in the warehouse. The time spent doing certain tasks – such as moving pallets or boxes – is shortened dramatically. This allows more time and man power to be spent on more important work.

Come with Accessories

Not all pallet trucks come with accessories. But some come with things like;

  • Integrated weighing scales (allows you to weight the items on the pallet truck without taking them off)
  • Small printers (allows you to print off a paper copy of the loads weight.

High Lift Pallet Tracks

High lift pallet trucks can lift goods higher than a person would be able to, this allows heavy goods to be stored in high up places. It can also be helpful when those goods are being loaded onto a van or lorry.

More Space

Due to the size of a pallet jack, they are incredibly easy to store without taking up too much space. Most warehouses can’t afford to give up the space that keeping a regular size fork lift would take up. This is why they are so handy.

Worker Safety

Carrying heavy materials can put a lot of strain on your employees. Statistics show that many workplace injuries occur when the victim is lifting heavy items. A pallet truck eliminates the need for workers to carry these heavy items, but allows for them still to be moved.

Easy to Use

These days, pallet jacks are incredibly easy to use, some are even powered by electricity, making it even easier. Training may still be required to ensure that the hand forklift is used correctly, but once your employees have a grasp on it they will be able to work it with ease.

hand forklift

Where to Go If You Need a Hand Forklift

If you need a hand forklift, then you will be spoilt for choice. There are many industrial suppliers out their ready to provide you with everything your warehouse may need.

When choosing where to buy one, it is important that you ensure the products that are being sold are above board. It’s recommended to not buy a second-hand pallet jack without seeing it and using it yourself, you should also ensure that you are informed when it was bought and receive proof of the warranty before committing to the purchase.