Heat Pumps Scotland | Why you should invest in Renewable Technology


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We are in an age where renewable energy is an affordable option within your home. Heat Pumps Scotland have become a popular renewable energy option for commercial and residential properties. However, with so many options how do you know which one is best for your home? Here we have digested all the information you need to know about heat pumps Scotland before purchasing.

What are Heat Pumps?

The term ‘heat’ can be slightly misleading as heat pumps do release heat but they also effectively cool your home during the summer by providing air conditioning. This is then reversed in the winter months to heat up your home. There are different kinds of heat pumps such as Air Source Heat Pumps and Ground Source Heat Pumps which takes heat from the air/ground and tranfers this into your home even if the temperature outside is below zero degrees.

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Are they Cost Effective?

It has worked out that per Pound spent on electricity for your heat pump you will receive four Pounds worth of heat energy in return. Heat pumps are capable of generating 3 to 5 kilowatts of heat which makes it more of a cost effective solution for your heating, air conditioning and ventilation. In addition to this, as there are no fossil fuels burned during this process, the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from heat pumps are far less than your standard heating systems. Alongside this due to heat pumps being a natural source it eradicates the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning within your home.

RHI Government Scheme

There is an opportunity for some users of heat pumps to save more money by signing up to the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) Government Scheme. This has been developed to encourage people to install renewable energy resources within their homes and businesses by offering a financial incentive with quarterly payments made to the heat pumps Scotland owner over a period of seven years.

How to choose the right heat pump Scotland

The most important part of owning a heat pump is finding the right heat pump for your property. The two most popular heat pumps are the Air Source heat pump and the Ground Source heat pump. Below are the main points to consider before buying and installing a heat pump.

Insulation – Heat pumps will work at its most effective when your home is securely insulated to the highest standards. If you do not have correct insulation it can severely affect how efficient your home has heated. The first thing you should do before considering a heat pump is to check the insulation of your home to ensure this is the correct option.

Garden Suitability – If you are considering a Ground Source Heat Pump you will need to make sure your garden is suitable for housing one. When it comes to installing a GSHP a deep borehole will need to be made and enough room for the ground loop.

Replace Fuel Types – If you are opting to replace your electric or coal heating system with heat pumps it is recommended that this switch is beneficial. However, if you are using a gas heating system it may not be recommended to switch to a heat pump.