Importance of Keeping Up with Technology in the Workplace


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Technology is something that you can’t escape from. We are faced with it every day and it you can’t keep up; unfortunately, you just end up getting left behind.

Fall Behind

Almost everyone uses the internet these days. People have access to the internet through a multitude of different devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers etc. The majority of people who use the internet will have some form of social media account whether this is Facebook, Twitter etc. Some people even have their own websites or blogs. With over 3m people across the world on the internet, you need to keep up with it in order to survive this ever-changing and slightly confusing environment.

Become Irrelevant

If you become irrelevant then there will always be someone more relevant and better than you to come and do your job. You should keep up-to-date with current trends. If you aren’t on social media already, sign up and look for trends and new technologies that are coming out. This will aid you when it comes to keeping up to date, as everything relevant (and sometimes irrelevant) is posted on the internet.


Missed Opportunities

Technology opens up a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities when it comes to business. When you are not up to date with this technology it can become increasingly more common to miss opportunities. Technology has allowed people in business to communicate in ways they were never able to before. Video conferencing gives the ability to have a face to face meeting from the other side of the world. Not only that but the way companies interact with consumers has changed. Customers can send a message to a company with any question or complaint.


Advanced office systems are often far more complex nowadays then they were before. They may actually be easier to use, but until you learn to use them it can be tricky. Technology has reduced the need for paper amongst pretty much all industries, this just means that everything is stored online or on devices. If you are unsure how to use this or where to store things correctly, then you could appear disorganised.


Technology will keep continuing to advance, if you fall behind now it will be increasingly difficult to try and catch up later. The further forward technological advances are pushed the more complex the systems get and the more difficult it is to learn how to use them. To keep up with technology you should try to;

Look Online

Blogs, podcasts, forums and social media are all great ways of obtaining more information online. Many of them will be written by real people and can help give you an insight into new technology.

Print Media

Even though this may seem like the old-fashioned way of doing it, newspapers and magazines can be an excellent way of getting new information. What’s good about them is that they only contain the headlines and highlights, so this can be a good way of narrowing down what you’re going to search for.

Speak to People

If you’re struggling to keep up then don’t feel embarrassed to ask people. If it is something in work ask if you can get additional training, that way you will learn how to use the technology correctly.