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Development in technology has completely changed the way we view skincare. There are now more products than ever before, each claiming to be the ultimate saviour of your skin. if you’re looking into going to a skin clinic Glasgow then read on…

At Home Skincare Devices

The development in skincare products and technology has rapidly progressed and one of the more noticeable changes is that treatments that used to only be done in skin clinics can now be done at home. Now these devices may not come cheap, but they are readily available for people who are willing to part with the cash. Some examples of skincare devices that you can use from the comfort of your own home include;

  • Laser hair removal
  • Lifting wand
  • Crows-feet eraser
  • The radio frequency tightening device

You need to be careful though, some of these products can be dangerous or just not useful if you don’t know how to work them properly, so you’re probably best going to a skin clinic Glasgow instead.

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Customer Service

Not only has the technology in beauty changed, the technology used to buy beauty products has changed. Customer service and interaction has gotten a total upgrade and consumers expect a lot more these days.

Consumer Interaction

YouTube has played a major part in this transformation with their keen group of beauty vloggers and the people who follow them. These vloggers are having major influence over people and this can change people’s buying habits. Consumers also have a lot more selection when it comes to products and a lot more information on what real people think of the products due to vast amounts of product reviews.

The way that companies interact with consumers is much different now too. Customer loyalty is becoming less and less frequent as people are aware there are so many options out there – and so many that may be better.

Payment and Delivery

It is now easier than ever before to buy various products online and get them delivered straight to your door. This has made skincare products more accessible to people who may have once felt like they didn’t have enough time to invest into this industry.

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Technology Challenges Tradition

Not all traditional methods of beauty and skincare have been forgotten about, but many of them have been replaced by other products. Due to research and development of products it is now more convenient for people to buy something that has coconut oil, aloe vera and other skin benefiting properties to it, rather than trying to make it yourself.

Not so long ago, people used lye soap to clean their entire face and body. Whilst this may have been good for getting rid of dirt, it also stripped the skin of it’s essential oils. Nowadays, technology has allowed companies to tailor make different products for different skin types. We have a multitude of products for a number of different uses depending on your skin type and what the problem is that you’re trying to resolve.

Going to a Skin Clinic Glasgow

More people than ever before are going to a skin clinic Glasgow. This may be because people value their looks more now than before. People are tending to take more time for themselves and treating themselves. Especially because there is a lot of research that suggests that a good skin care routine can fight the effects of ageing and is good for relaxation.