What to expect from a GUM or sexual health clinic?

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When focusing on sexual health, many any of us are unaware of the fact that sexual health clinics exist. We call them a GUM clinic

GUM or genitourinary medicine deals with problems related to genitals and sexual well-being. Highly qualified doctors are there to guide us about our sexual health. If you face sexual health issues in your life consider visiting a trained professional at a GUM clinic immediately to solve the issue before it has grown.

When should you visit a GUM clinic?

Anyone who indulges regularly in coitus or has an active sex life should go to the GUM clinic. The doctors recommend getting a check-up every year. 

The process most doctors would suggest are some tests, recommended screening procedures and provide vaccination. 

For example, every woman should get a pap smear every five years. This screening method can detect the changes in your cervix. This practice has increased the chance of an early diagnosis of cervical cancer and has improved the survival rates. 

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The goals of a GUM clinic

The aims and ambitions of a GUM clinic are,

  1. To maintain health among sexual activity people.
  2. To prevent the spread of STDs.
  3. To educate and make people aware of the dangers of STDs.
  4. To normalize screening tests.
  5. To normalize appropriate contraceptive methods. 
  6. To vaccinate people against HPV.

Our GUM clinics and their doctors are trying their best to complete these goals. So far, they are succeeding in their mission. 

What services does GUM clinic provide?

A GUM clinic manages all the problems and diseases related to sexual activity. Let us take a look at what they do.

Provide vaccination

The doctors provide vaccines against HPV, a deadly virus that can cause cancer. But, so far, we have vaccines against HPV viruses only while others are still in development. 

Suggest contraceptive methods 

The doctors suggest appropriate contraception methods. They advise people according to their unique requirements. Some are okay with barrier methods, while others want to get on the pill. So, your doctor can decide what will suit you the best.

Diagnose STDs

The doctors diagnose people with symptoms. For example, some people come to the clinic with rashes, burning, itching, etc. These doctors treat these diseases. Furthermore, they ensure that these people do not spread the infection through sexual contact.

Educate and aware 

With every person that steps into the clinic, the doctor tries to educate them. They encourage them to visit often. These doctors also give tips for maintaining the healthiest sexual life. 

Counsel the patient

Counselling and treatment go side by side. The patient should understand what mistakes have led him to this outcome. He will avoid this in the future and will teach others too. 

Copulation issues 

People who are unable to perform sexual activity come to the clinic. They could be suffering from erectile dysfunction or performance anxiety. There are other conditions as well. All of these can deprive a couple of their primary sexual needs. Moreover, these are treatable conditions. A single visit can fix it. 

Final thoughts

A GUM clinic can fix your sexual life. A simple counselling session can aid you in maintaining your sexual health for a long time. So, try to visit it once in a lifetime. It is free of cost.