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There are a number of reasons why many of you may want to choose to convert VHS to digital. Traditionally , VHS has been used as a media format to educate people on different issues as well as being a popular choice to watch movies or record tv shows. Inevitably as time has moved on this has become outdated. Lets look at why you should consider converting to digital.

VHS Tapes

VHS tapes have been used for many years in the education as well as entertainment industries. In the past 20 years they have been gradually phased out by more advanced and durable technologies such as the DVD.

However , there are a number of advantages to VHS tapes. They were very simple to use and allowed a fair amount of media to be stored. Whilst they were limited to VHS players , at the time they were an advanced technology and enabled people to watch tv shows and documentaries without needing to tune into their tv to watch live.

This helped to revolutionise the way many of us consume digital services. It could be argued that it also helped to pave the way for the media services that we see today in the form of DVD rentals as well as streaming services.

VHS to digital

What Are The Advantages To Choosing To Convert VHS to Digital?

There are a lot of advantages that you can enjoy if you choose to convert VHS to digital:

  • Digital format allows for much more flexibility and the media to be transferred between different platforms
  • VHS lacks support and you may struggle to get it repaired
  • VHS degrades far quicker than other media alternatives such as the DVD
  • Converting to digital format means that your media could be restored to a better overall quality
  • Digital format is much easier to manage and keep safe than old VHS tapes
  • Digital media takes up less physical space than VHS tapes and can often be stored on micro USB’s
VHS to digital

Media Heritage

Whilst there are of course many clear advantages to the decision to convert VHS to digital , there are also important reasons why you may wish to retain some of your old VHS media.

Media such as VHS is slowly being phased out. Therefore it could be beneficial to keep and maintain some VHS tapes. However , with an expert tailored digital conversion service you could enjoy the best of both worlds!

This is because some digital conversion companies will return your original copies of the media you sent as well as the new copies which have been copied into a digital format and remastered where possible in order to improve their overall audio and video quality.

Convert VHS to digital


In conclusion it is clear that the process of VHS to digital can bring a number of advantages to you and your media. Therefore it is well worth exploring this option. There are many firms online that offer this service and most are reputable and highly skilled in this field.

Try researching online prior to booking so that you can find the best possible service that suits you.