What Are the Different Types of Patios in Glasgow?

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Before you can decide on the type of patio in Glasgow you want, you need to understand what types of materials are available. Some common types of patio materials are concrete, flagstone, brick paver, slate, and so on.

Listed below are some of their benefits. Choosing the right one for your home will make your patio in Glasgow look great, and it will also be durable. However, there are some pros and cons to each type of material.

Type of Patios Glasgow with fireplace

Slate patios

Slate is one of the most attractive materials for patios, porches and outdoor living areas in Glasgow. The natural stone is extremely durable and water-resistant. It has an incredibly textured surface and can be used in a variety of colours. While it is traditionally thought of as dark in colour, slate actually comes in a range of different shades.

Slate comes in a variety of sizes and colours, and is available in 12 to 16 inch squares. It is also available in a variety of patterns, including verdaille. Slate patios can last up to a century, especially with a proper installation.

Flagstone patios

Flagstone patios are a great way to add drama and depth to an outdoor living space. In this example, irregular sandstone flagstones surround a pea gravel garden for a contemporary patio. A large flat slate flagstone adds a cosy sitting area and a brightly coloured outdoor chair adds a welcoming feel. Flagstone patios are inexpensive and easy to install if you follow a few simple steps.

The first step is to measure the area where you want to install the patio and then choose the materials. Next, prepare the ground and pour joint filler. Once this is done, level the surface. Once all the pieces are in place, you can begin to design your patio!

Concrete patios

Concrete patios are an excellent choice for your outdoor living space. They are durable, inexpensive to install, and can last for decades. This material is a popular choice because it has a high degree of decorative versatility. The many colours and finishes of concrete allow you to create any style you can imagine. This material is also easy to maintain.

Concrete is also relatively inexpensive compared to other materials used for paving. In most cases, it costs between £3 and £6 per square foot. However, it is important to consider that poured concrete can be expensive if it’s shaped irregularly.

Brick paver patios

Brick paver patios are a versatile option for outdoor spaces. Brick pavers are typically two inches thick, providing a smooth, even walking surface. They are also available in various designs, including circular and basket-weave patterns. If you’re not sure what design is right for your space, you can consult a professional company for patio in Glasgow recommendations.

Brick patios can be easy to maintain. The bricks don’t need to be treated with paint or sealants, and they look their best when natural moisture is allowed to escape. The best way to maintain the look of a brick patio is to use a biodegradable soap and water to clean the surface and remove any moss or stains.

Travertine patios

Travertine patios are a great way to add an elegant and natural look to your property’s outdoor space. This stone is quarried in a wide range of colours and is very durable. Its heat reflectivity and low absorption make it a great choice for pool decks and patios.

Travertine is highly porous, and cleaning it frequently is important to maintain the smooth surface. It also needs a protective sealant to prevent it from becoming stained. You should also make sure you use mild soap and water to clean your patio. Avoid using vinegar or any other harsh chemicals.