How To Overcome Challenges In Telemarketing Companies


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Its 2019, there is nothing worse than sitting at home relaxing after a long day to find your phone ringing of the hook with sales calls about car insurance, new windows, electricity companies… the list goes on. Marketing has moved on and developed over the years. From the 1950’s magazines, radio, television and billboards were used to target a mass audience on all the latest products. However with research and the birth of the internet marketing has evolved to particular segmented targeting. This is where telemarketing companies have came across challenges. Here are our tips on how to overcome the challenges telemarketing companies may face today.

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Target Marketing & Segmentation

There has been a mass amount of research and success stories to prove that targeting a specific market (also known as market segmentation) is highly beneficial and cost effective to get the most out of your marketing strategy. Segmenting your market into gender, age, interests, location for example is key in ensuring you can have a successful telemarketing campaign. For B2B strategies, ensure you are targeting industries that will respond well to telemarketing.

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Collect Enough Data & Learn From It

Almost every call should be monitored for not only training purposes but also to collect data. Who is responding well to telemarketing? How successful are the calls? How many leads or sales are you getting a day? These can all be used to measure and define your goals.

Telemarketing Companies Need To Define Clear Goals

As mentioned above defining clear goals can be set through existing data. It is important to set clear goals for not only your employees to follow but to also grow your business. Having goals which are unrealistic can de-motivate staff if they feel their targets are out with their reach and unachievable.

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Hire The Correct People

Personality is key when hiring telemarketing agents. People with the ‘gift of the gab’, who can engage appropriately with the public or with clients in a professional manner and who are motivated by targets would be the best candidates for the role to ensure you meet the set goals.

Telemarketing Companies

Outsourcing lead generation to telemarketing companies can greatly benefit your business. Not only is your company not being forced to chase leads themselves, they no longer require dedication of valuable hours to chasing leads. Large quantities of this time can be spent chasing non existent leads, so this time will no longer be wasted by employees.

Don’t Confuse Sales With Marketing

Many organisations can mistakenly put sales and marketing in the same department. They are two completely separate things. If your telemarketing strategy is driven by numbers, targets and sales then of course you will want a sales strategy, however if you need a more creative, data-based campaign then your telemarketing campaign should have a ,marketing based strategy.

Be Creative

Marketing is a typically and naturally creative industry. it is important to think of ideas that nobody has done before to make sure you stand out in amongst your competitors. Using data, goals and your target market can inspire your marketing strategy. Especially in telemarketing when there can sometimes be little room for creativity as there is no imagery.

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