Are Books Still Important In Modern Society


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A question that is sometimes being asked within society nowadays is whether or not books are still important in modern society. There are a number of ways in which this question can be interpreted. So lets look at how important they are what difference they can make.

History And Books

Books have closely been associated with our past as well as history dating back centuries. This is because they act as another form of communication which can be used to convey messages and ideas that can last for tens if not hundreds of years.

The original purpose of books was to note down knowledge as well as document the ideas and opinions of significant figures in society such as the monarchy. This practice has continued well into the 21st century. However there are now a far wider reach of books available from a range of authors from diverse backgrounds.

Books have had a significant impact on society as they have been used by churches to convey religious ideals and have been key to many people continuing to practice their faith. Books are also sources of knowledge and stories which have been passed done through the generations for new generations to learn.

The Value Of Books

The value of books simply cannot be understated. Books can come packed with knowledge which can be accurately condensed and conveyed into a book for people to learn from. Books are tradtionally used heavily within education in order to educate students on different subjects.

Often facts coupled with research and personal opinions are documented into books in order to give readers a better overall understanding of a range of different issues.

Without books there would be a lot less understanding on a range of different topics and issues. Therefore it is important that we ensure that books are kept in production and circulation throughout the world.

Are Computers Replacing Books?

To some extent , it could be argued that computers are replacing books. However there are a range of different ways in which books are continuing to thrive. For example , e-books have seen a rise in demand as more and more people to choose to use tablets and computers at work as well as at home.

This has led to many book publishers as well as authors choosing to move their operations online. They have been quick to adapt and thankfully books have been well embraced in the online digital market. This is thanks to the popularity of books as well as the vast range of topics that they can cover.


Overall to conclude , it would appear that books have a very significant influence on society in general. Therefore it is important that we protect them and ensure that books continue to be produced and made freely available across the world.

The more books there are in the world , the more knowledge can be shared widely. Books are becoming more accessible than ever and it is important to support new and upcoming authors to make sure the book market is open and transparent.