Ways That Technology is Changing the Fitness Industry

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Technology is changing just about every aspect of our lives and the fitness industry is one of them.

Online Lead Generation

Compared to traditional advertising methods, nowadays it is easier than ever for companies to get new leads. Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram have made it easier forever for gyms and personal trainers to reach a new and bigger audience online.

Fitness Instruction

Having a YouTube channel has proven to be very successful for many fitness experts. Not only does having this platform give you the ability to post work out, diet and advise videos. These videos can then be put onto their website or Facebook page to promote it.


It is no secret that social support encourages people to keep up exercising. Social media has taken that one step further and has opened up this far more extensive community of people who all share the same love (or hate) for fitness. This helps people stick to their goals. It also allows the fitness instructors to connect more with their clients.

24-Hour Access

24-hour gyms aren’t new, but they have been more and more successful since the launch and astonishing success of gyms such as Anytime Fitness, which is largely enabled by technology. This means that staff aren’t required at all hours of the day (which could make it very difficult to sustain the business and find employees). This still allows clients access to the gym.


There’s an App for That

There are many apps for smartphones and tablets nowadays that encourage people to take more responsibility over their fitness and nutrition. This makes it slightly easier for personal trainers as they don’t need to be there for long cardio sessions. Instead, there are apps now that can take users through an 8-week running programme, this allows personal training sessions to be spent on activities such as weights, where technique and guidance are most important.

Wearable Gadgets

Wearable sports gadgets are becoming more and more popular and high-tech. They can measure activity such as the amount of steps taken and heart rate. They can provide valuable data when it comes to the users’ progress. Some other types target behaviour modification, there is a sports device that gives the wearer a mild shock as negative reinforcement to encourage the user to reach their goals.

Innovative Fitness Machinery

Technology has taken something that was once so simple, such as a treadmill, and it’s upgraded it to the next level. These days’ treadmills can have surround sound, integrated TV screens and a heart rate monitoring system. This may seem over the top already, but there may be more to come. Several gyms in the US have started beta testing a 3D body scanner, which is designed to detect changes in body measurements.